Who is he?

Tell me again what he does?


"If Art pleases the person doing it, that's already something."






The author



Artistic experience, whatever its form, has always been the essence

of my existence. I believe we are all born with an internal musical score that we can, we must, spend our whole lives working on.

Does it nourish us? Does it heal us? Does it help others? I don't know, but I hope so. In any case, it can certainly help us to extract ourselves from our own social condition, and bring people closer together.

Filmic and photographic images, speech and writing, are my essential tools in life. And it is this curious need I wanted to share with you.

But for now, even if visual images speak all languages,

my humble literary work is written in french, my mother tongue.










The script doctor & translator


Two distinct and complementary teams: Our consultants specialized in script-doctoring, help writers, directors and producers find concept, develop scripts, and improve their projects. Also for many years,

our team of translators adapt in various languages many movie scripts and commercials, as well as subtitling and dubbing commands.










The producer


Our editorial line is originality and open mindedness, but our goal is

to develop movies which defend minorities and women's rights,

and blow the whistle on all forms of injustice.